Cameroon’s first home based network marketing website.Momopays Launching 20th Jan 2018

Momopays is Cameroon’s first home based network marketing website. Every Cameroonian, from every walks of life can and will earn from our business. Network marketing and online businesses in Cameroon always had a challenge with payment processing websites such as paypal, payza, neteller etc because it is a long process to be able to sign up, making payments and also receiving payments. These websites require that individuals own at least a bank account. But with momopays, all you need is a mobile money account which is free to create at any MTN or Orange mobile money agency. Withdrawal is instant and members can earn as much money as they can.
Momopays is set up to provide a legal and ethical wealth creation platform for everyday people – wherever they happen to live. The world around us is changing at an ever increasing pace. Nowhere is this more apparent than in our economies — and reflected in high unemployment and low standards of living.



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