Weight loss: The best diet plans 2018 revealed by health experts

WEIGHT loss is one of many Britons resolutions for 2018, but one diet plan has been recommended by experts as the best one to follow this year.

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Weight loss: Which diet is the best for 2018?

Weight loss is often one of the most popular choices for a new year resolution as Britons attempt to get fit.Having a better diet plan and incorporating more exercise is something many will be embarking on this year.

Choosing the correct plan can be difficult with a number of different diet options out there.

But which is the best diet plan to follow in 2018?

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Weight loss: The DASH diet plan is the best to healthily lose weight

Experts from the US News and World Report panel have released the best diets to follow this year that will have the best results.The panel made up of 25 experts, analysed 40 diet plans with criteria such as short and long-term weight loss, the effect on diabetes and heart health, as well as satiety and taste.

They have revealed that the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet plan is the healthiest way to lose weight this year.

It is the eighth year it has come out on top, due to its inclusion of fresh food such as fruit and vegetables as well as wholegrain, low-fat dairy and seeds and nuts.


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