Shadows Are Not Always What They Seem…

Shadows are everywhere, and they can look like pretty much anything if the angle is right. Sometimes it feels as if they’re alive, and trolling us. Remember those creepy shadows in your window at night, looking like they’re Freddy Kruger’s horrifying blade-glove-thing ready to kill you in your sleep? Yeah, this is what the doctors call “pareidolia” (well, that and “paranoia”), which is basically your brain’s attempt to comprehend the shapes as something recognizable. But, anyway, let’s go straight to the good stuff – here are 5 weird shadows that’ll make you look twice!

  1. Two people – one big shadow kiss!

  2. Uh, sorry, honey, your shadow’s a goddamn orangutan.

  3. This magical installation can only be seen when the lights are out.

4. I’m just gonna assume that this is a boss in an RPG, and its weak spot is the head.

  1. Hmm, A22? I must be missing some assets to figure this one out.

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