‘I’m naturally endowed’

Celebrated Ghanaian actress, Joselyn Dumas has revealed that she’s naturally endowed when it comes to her body.

The curvy actress Joselyn made this revelation known on her new programme dubbed, ‘Keeping it Real’.

According to her, she’s naturally endowed with abundant gifts from her maker.

The actress who starred on Sparrow Productions’ movie dubbed ‘Potato Potahto’, affirmed this to her two guests while discussing the current beauty trends among women and some men.

Dumas was drilled by make-up artiste, Sarah Don Arthur on whether she has had any work done on her rear end,.

The former host of the ‘One Show’, responded that she has done nothing to enhance her hips and back adding that she’s simply naturally endowed.

“I haven’t done anything to my butt, I’m naturally endowed…like people have naturally thick lips, some people like myself have small waists and big hips,” the actress stressed.

Asked if she had ever utilized waist trainers for her small waist, she replied: ‘that’s simply a product of hard training. I work hard, I go to the gym. I’ve had people asking me on Instagram if I wanted to promote their waist trainers, I said no because I don’t want to deceive the public into thinking that’s what I did to have a tiny waist.’

Despite denying having ever had any sort of cosmetic uplift, the actress did concede that she once nearly went in for face filling injections.

Source: Blagogee



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