Douala: A police officer in the opposite direction arrested

A police officer in civil and driving in the opposite direction strongly disrupted the traffic this morning of January 08, 2018. The scene takes place on the stretch Feu Rouge Bessengue – Hotel Lewat in the district of Douala 1st.

Indeed, following this act of incivism, the civil police officer will be approached by the teams of the Douala urban community and the gendarmerie to restore order.

Faced with this arrest, the man will declare that he is a policeman. The policeman who had just disturbed the traffic, unfortunately had no documentary evidence to certify his status as a man in uniform.

Faced with this inconsistency, a sharp physical altercation will oppose the alleged police officer and traffic control officers. The latter will then be taken to the Déido Brigade.

It is during the interrogation that he will be spared thanks to his colleagues whom he contacted to get him out of this situation. It is thanks to his colleagues returned to the Deido Brigade with his service dress that he will finally be released.

This is not the first time that a man in uniform is caught in the act of incivism in the road traffic within the economic capital.


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