Who is Mahamat Bani, the presumed mastermind of the Equatorial Guinean coup?

The former brigadier of the Chadian army defected after 15 years spent in the security of President Idriss Deby Itno.

The passage of the former senior officer of the Chadian army into the presidential security services of Idriss Deby Itno allowed him to discover what he calls “The hidden face of the regime”. Brigadier General Mahamat Kodo Bani Godi served from 1990 to 2005 in the presidential security services in Chad, the Republican Guard of President Idriss Déby Itno, before defecting and joining in November 2008, the Union of Forces for Change and Democracy (UFCD), a rebel movement in eastern Chad.

In an interview conducted on 2 November 2008 by Chadian colleague Djédé Kourtou Gamar on over blog, shortly after his defection from the Chadian army, the former senior officer openly criticized the ruling group: “The processes and circuits of decision-making , appointments, management of financial resources are outrageous. The functions that I held during 15 years in the services of the republican guard me edified on the mechanisms that the dictator set up to manage the State “.

The real decision-making power in Chad, he accuses, is not held by the various authorities of the State. “There is a well-closed circle of” tyrant “family members who make and unmake people, and top-down state agents are real stuffing turkeys, all decisions made at various levels. of public life are modified and adapted to the pattern drawn by the family circle.The gray eminences of the dictatorship are known and will one day answer their actions before history, “warns the former senior officer of the Chadian army today mercenary.

Chaotic situation

Why did Brigadier General Mahamat Kodo Bani Godi and his companions choose the UFCD camp to fight Deby’s system? The reason is very simple, he answers. Today, all Chadians know that the Union of Forces for Change and Democracy is the only combat framework that brings together compatriots from all walks of life. From inside and outside, the UFCD is perceived as the most promising movement of hope. It is the only movement whose fighting forces are able to put an end to the dictatorial power of Déby “, praises the ex-general deserter brigade of the Chadian army.

Asked about the general situation of the country, Mahamat Kodo Bani Godi describes it as chaotic. “Chad has become the property of a clan,” he fumed. There is a general climate of insecurity. Deby’s system looks like a lion devouring its prey and ready to pounce on the one who tries to approach it. “For General Mahamat Kodo Bani Godi, the time has come for Chadians to mobilize to end to their suffering, a mobilization to which he will now be difficult to take part as a major player because of his arrest and detention in Yaoundé following his involvement in the failed coup of 28 December 2017 against Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbazogo, President of Equatorial Guinea.


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