An Afro-American family decides to settle in Babone,Cameroon.

The latter wishes to contribute to the development of this locality from which were deported their ancestors during the slave trade.

The laying of the foundation stone for the construction of the home of Constance Jawaïd, an American citizen, took place on Sunday, December 31, 2017 in Baboné, a town located in the department of Haut-Nkam, three kilometers from the city of Bafang. “I expect to come here from time to time. That’s why I plan to build this home, “she told reporters. A teacher by profession still in office, she says she wants to spend more time in Cameroon than in the United States. “When I finish my house, and after my retirement, I will spend more time in Baboné to contribute to the development of this community. I will only return to the United States to visit my family there, “she says.

The love story between Babone and the 48-year-old American began in March 2016. She discovered this town in favor of a program initiated by the US government to allow their descendants of deported slaves from Africa during the slave trade to have a clear idea about their origins. After several DNA tests, she discovered that it was from this village in the district of Bafang that her ancestors had gone. It is then that she undertook the journey of Cameroon where she managed to tread the soil of this group in March 2016. Flattered by the warmth of the welcome offered by His Majesty Tchualieu II Fansi Theodore, King of the Baboon and his constituents, she returns to the United States promising to bring back her family.


This promise was made on the occasion of the first edition of the Baboné People’s Cultural Festival, “Ntee Ntu’Kwa” celebrated from 27 to 30 December 2017 at the esplanade of the royal court of this village. She attended with her 68-year-old mother Joyce Hollie and her two children, Imani Ramirez and Eddie Ramirez, aged 22 and 16 respectively. They were presented during the closing ceremony of the festival Ntee Ntu’Kwa on Saturday, December 30, 2017. The king of the Babone and his notables decided during this event to rename them. In the community of origin of their ancestors, the grandmother will now be called “Nufi” while her daughter (Constance Jawaïd) will be named “Deussi”, while Imani and Eddie will be called “Mougoué” and “Touko”.

The Nte’Ntu’Kwa festival as a whole was a great success, according to the Organizing Committee chaired by Wambe San’gee Roger Tchoula Motho, politician and elite of the village. “To well-born souls, value does not wait for the number of years. Several parameters lead us today to affirm that the Ntee Ntu’Kwa 2017 was a brilliant success, “he said. The Chief Baboné took advantage of these festivities to address to all the Babonés of the world “a message of solidarity, reconciliation, tolerance and especially development”. This event coincided with the celebration of the thirtieth anniversary of his accession to the throne. Opportunity for the monarch to offer many gifts and titles of notability to the children of the village.


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