‘J ‘ SUIS DESOLE ‘ from Mr Leo.The Reason for the Title.

Wouahh! Good surprise! Yes I start there live. If some sleep others really do not hesitate to outdo yesterday. At the end of 2017, Mr Leo delivered his album “Love Original”. Today, he returns with an exclusivity, the title “I’m sorry”.

Barely listened, it is with a smile and a lot of positivity that I come out. While I had already been seduced by the title “Pray” in which Mr Leo instrospected his being and communicated his gospel. We can say that in this new performance, he managed to advance his pawn because he kept this profound effect on a different theme.

Back to his love stories, Mr Leo, romantic and story teller strikes again by the lyrics, consistency and construction are there; although the piece relies more on emotion. This time it is a regret that he expresses in the face of a badly maintained love.

The music

While I’m still waiting for the musical style that Alpha Betta Records is going to surf this year, this song is already starting to draw the color. Mix of Neo Soul and Neo Afrobeat. The music is orchestrated with the same instruments as “The woman of my galley” from my galley of Salatiel. Here on the other hand we have more acoustics. We can appreciate, the groove and the musicality that are manifested in the beat. Rhythm guitar, bass guitar, drums are the drivers of this music made in the “Sexual healing” by Mavin Gaye.

Mr Leo’s studio performance

Deep, he managed to cover his music well, this song that expresses blues in the soft. The broken voices, the notes that go up at each end of the measurement make the product embellish. Not to mention harmonies and vibes, and again, Mr Leo does not take any risk in his singing. This is one of his assets.

In the clip

It seems to have been shot since. Always in Paris, at the same period as that of Salatiel. It’s the same director, Shelis. We can say that it evolves for Mr Leo in terms of image. He now exposes his body without worries, in the role he embodies, we also see him crying. Lol! It feels like he’s forced, but he’s doing pretty well. We see the advertising brand ITEL, passed subtly.

It is well done without the need for any return to corrective effects. This is what is appreciable about Mr Leo who, unlike many artists, offers a singing performance with his original voice. It makes him more authentic and original. He honors this generation because, we still find him the challenge that the elders gave themselves. Although we are not in the same contexts, conditions of production.

Mention Bravo! Discover and enjoy.


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