The industrial slaughterhouse of Ngaoundéré is now operational

The industrial slaughterhouse of Ngaoundéré, regional capital of Adamaoua, Cameroon’s first livestock breeding area, is now operational. The latest tests on this infrastructure, which cost a little more than 5 billion CFA francs, were all conclusive, we learn from official sources.

With a warehouse with a storage capacity of 1,400 m3, the modern Ngaoundéré abattoir was built as part of the Government’s three-year (2015-2017) emergency program (Planut), to which one more envelope of 900 billion CFA francs was spent.

This slaughterhouse is the second of the same type built in the country, thanks to the Planut, after that of Yaounde, the capital, with a capacity of 6,000 m3. It remains to build those Kribi (3,000 m3) and Ebolowa (1,400 m3), two cities in the region of South Cameroon.


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