New release of the Catholic Church on Bala case.

During the annual seminar of the National Episcopal Conference of Cameroon of Cameroon started Monday, January 8, 2018, the bishops of Cameroon reaffirmed their will to see the judicial authorities of Cameroon shed light on the circumstances of the death of their colleague Monseigneur Jean Marie Benoit Bala, bishop of Bafia occurred on May 31, 2017 in troubled circumstances. They continue to support the thesis of an assassination while the results of the autopsy carried out by two forensic doctors committed by Interpol at the end of June 2017 presented the “drowning” as “the probable cause of the death of the bishop”. The church says to follow with sustained attention the investigations around this despicable assassination.

“At the moment, of course, we have lodged a complaint. Our goal is to seek the truth. The lawyers are at work, that is, the investigations are being done. And we also ask that, when the time comes, we make available to us all the necessary documents that can shed light on this assassination, “said Bishop Samuel Kleda, Metropolitan Archbishop of the city of Douala and President of the Conference National Episcopal.

During this annual seminar, bishops intend to emphasize priestly formation. “Being a priest today is a challenge in a changing situation. We must be well prepared to help our faithful because we must live in faith and with faith and answer their questions, “said Bishop Cornelius Esua Fontem, Archbishop of Bamenda. The latter took the opportunity to present the socio-political situation in the North West, one of the English-speaking regions of Cameroon in crisis.

“In Bamenda, it changes a little bit because schools work, especially in cities. But in the villages, it’s something else. Despite all the socio-political problems, we must not compromise the education of children. It’s very important, these children will be the leaders of tomorrow, “he said. He calls for a sincere and honest dialogue. “We must call all partners in this problem to seek dialogue. Dialogue in truth and honesty We can not have reconciliation without dialogue, we can not have peace without reconciliation. We believe that dialogue is important, “he urged.


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