Censor dies in a sex session in a hotel in Ivory Coast

Macabre discovered in room 08 of the Hotel “Bienvenue” in Yopougon (Abidjan). In this hotel, a lifeless body was discovered, while, the man had come with a girl nearing the age of 25, for a leg part in the air. And the terrain was not favorable to him at all. He dies without finishing the 90 minutes.

The deceased, 61 years old, was discovered after his death lying on his back in the bed of the room. On his body, no trace of blood to think of a violence exerted on him. But he had only his right foot stretched out on the wall, his hands firm and his eyes open and his heart was not beating.

The girl who accompanied the victim took his leg around the neck without leaving a trace. The officials who realized afterwards, were quick to alert the relief. But in vain. The rescuers’ attempts to revive him have not been successful.

How can we explain such an event? In the opinion of rescuers, age may be one of the factors, perhaps add to the taking of an aphrodisiac.

During the antics, his heart has visibly slackened, but we will leave to an autopsy to find out more. Because it is also possible that the individual has abused aphrodisiac, “said a security source close to the case. The investigation is ongoing.


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