Man accused of insulting Paul Biya arrested in Ngaoundéré.

Alim, an employee of  express tourist travel agency, was arrested last Saturday at his place of work on the instructions of the 3rd Deputy Prefect of Vina.

It was finally on January 7, 2018, around 3:00 pm, that Alim Oumarou, a 65-year-old mail agent at the Tourist Express travel agency in Ngaoundéré, was released after spending two days in one of Ngaoundéré central police station. He was arrested by the police on the instructions of Manga, the 3rd deputy to the prefect of Vina, on the grounds that the latter refused to hand over his packages sent from Yaounde.

Approached by the day, Alim Oumarou explains that “this gentleman arrived by claiming his packages sent from Yaounde. I put at his disposal 17 parcels out of 21 that I received. He began to scold me, asking me to give him all of his packages. I appealed to my bosses in Yaounde, but unfortunately he asked me to find a solution. He began to scold me, preventing me from working. ”

And to add that “despite my explanations, he did not want to hear anything. He grabbed a dagger from my table, got out and came back 10 minutes later with some police officers handcuffing me and throwing me in here. Sincerely, I do not know why I’m here, “says Alim.

At the central police station, the head of the station explains that the agent of Tourist Express is kept at sight on instruction of the prefect of the Vina. According to police officers met at the police station of the central police station, the deputy prefect of Vina appealed to the police saying that an individual was insulting the President of the Republic, Paul Biya. Attached to the phone by the day, the deputy prefect of the Vina confirmed to have called a Tourist Express agent.

“He wanted to stab me and started insulting the President of the Republic and members of his ethnicity. He accused the head of state of having done nothing of his 35 years of power. That’s why I investigated his arrest, “said Manga, the 3rd Deputy Prefect of the Vina. According to him, he sent packages from Yaounde to Ngaoundere.

“After several days, I still had not received my parcels. He wanted to give them to me drop by drop, which I refused, “he continued. For the central commissioner of Ngaoundere approached by the Day, it was a misunderstanding and that Sieur Alim is released.


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