The 10 most Instagrammed trends of 2017.

Fashion-forward items we double-tapped on more than a few times this year.

This year really came in hot with major fashion trends. They came from the runways but we fell in love with them on Instagram.

Think of how often you spotted something at your favourite store, took a mental note to buy it at month end, and by the time you went back they no longer had it in your size or it was sold out. Worst.

I blame it on Instagram’s see-now, buy-now culture.


These were the ones Twitter felt came up way too often:

We rounded up six more for a complete top 10 most Instagrammed fashion trends: 

#10 – Black Gucci/LV belt

#9 – Metallic slip dress

#8 – Gold (or nude) strappy heels

#7 – Gingham

#6 – Skin tight boots (ankle to thigh-high)

#5 – Faux fur

#4 – Sleeeeves!

#3 – ANYTHING floral

#2 – Striped poplin shirt

Off-the-shoulder, wrap, bell-sleeved or oversized….

#1 – Floral silk suit

Long and short…


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