Virgin at 50, she reveals the reasons for her long wait [VIDEO]

A 50-year-old woman amazed audiences and viewers when she revealed on “The Wendy Williams Show” that she’s still a virgin.

During the Q & A session, Yvette from Hopkinsville, Kentucky, USA, rose to ask a question and her revelation shocked viewers. She revealed that at age 50 she is a virgin, she has never used a sexual object and she is not in a relationship.

Having grown up in a Christian house, Yvette believes that you have to be married before having sex. However, according to her, she has not yet met the ideal man. Although she finds no problem with her being a virgin, she told Wendy that she wanted to know the best answer to give to people who tell her that she is abnormal.

Also shocked by these revelations, the 53-year-old facilitator warned her against disclosing her condition to people. Thus, she will be able to avoid the glances and the shocking comments.


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