[Confidential] Ayuk Tabe Sisuku kidnapped by MOSSAD elements

Paul Biya was so afraid of the English separatist leader Ayuk Tabe Sisuku that he was obliged to use France and his Israeli ally MOSSAD to help him.

As we speak, the Code and the CTC are able to confirm that negotiations are under way between Paul Biya’s regime and the English-speaking separatists in Abudja under the auspices of the United Nations, France, United States and Nigeria.

The Cameroonian dictator who deceives his supporters that he can never negotiate with “terrorists” sent, a strong delegation headed by diplomats and Cameroonian intelligence specialists. All accompanied by briefcases full of cash wads for try to bend the

Paul Biya wants to sign a secret agreement with the separatists according to our well-introduced sources.

All this noise only translates the phobia of the dictator who became aware that he was running towards his ruin, although swaggering in front of his partisans and courtiers.

Ayuk Tabe Sisuku is the winner of the game, contrary to the propaganda of the dictator Paul Biya’s courtiers.


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