Revelations of Cameroon music 2017.

There are many young Cameroonian artists who make themselves discover in 2017. We have decided to make a selection of some of them based on the impact that each of them has left. Some are relatively unknown but others have been able to mark the year with at least one work.

NB: This is not a classification. Do not trust the numbers of views. But rather the echo and the impact that these in the middle.

1. Nabila

Strategic was his entrance. If some music lovers had already listened to it before on the remix of “Sawa romance”, In 2017, it is with its own songs that it has distinguished itself. “It’ll be fine” will have been very well received and his fan base has grown. For many Nabila embodies Love and Candor, commercially advantaged, she is for many women’s musical hope 237.

2. KO-C

Entering KO-C was not easy for his label Big Dreams, but by dint of positioning well mayonnaise took. Between his performances RAP who did it and his pieces Afropop, KO-C finally found his voice. His single “Bollo is Bollo” was at the end of the year one of the hits 237 in vogue. In addition, he is in the TOP 3 rappers in the most speed flow Mboa. We will see how it evolves in 2018.

3. Boy Tag

Surprising already by its Albino look, Boy Tag throws even more when it comes to music, rapper, beatmaker, singer, he is on all fronts. Boy Tag sings in 04 languages. His Freestyle studio performances put him in the limelight in 2017. But he pushed the limits with his dive into the Afrotrap. His title “Mignoncité” will have marked.

4. Sojip

“I rapt what Tupac would have rapped if he had been born in Mambanda”. Sojip is the best feather of rap 237 in 2017, he gave a blow with his style and his titles. Revenue set the bar high in terms of writing, something that many are missing today. His lyrics are creative, artistic and very inspired. He is the best lyricist of the MBOA at the moment. “Letter to my ex” has delighted the ears of several music lovers. Just like his remix on “devil no di sleep” by Jovi.

5. Tzy Panchak

He was quickly adapted. People love the music of Tzy Panchack. Although he is not really original as an artist, it is especially the fact that he applies his vibes well on Afropop beats. His voice and his style captivate. He is also very sought after in collaborations. His remix of “Mad 4 yu luv” propelled him well, but at the beginning of the year he entered with his single “Stay with me” released in October 2016.

6. Ghislain Dimai

Who has not been touched by this musical delirium in 2017? Ghislain Dimai will have created an original concept with his song “We did not leave you”. He will have prolificly marked the year with this title. Now in Cameroon, we know it.

7. Elje Contador

If you do not know it, you’re not going to concerts often. He was in first part on several major stages in 2017. Percutant in the performance, it’s mostly his ordinary subjects and comic and clever pen that catches the audience. Even if her single “Potelée” did not really upset the bins, Elje is a sure bet of RAP kamer.

8. Bad Nova

From the same team as Elje (Sono live prod), Bad Nova entered alone, without really being pushed, he was quickly adopted. His title “Closes the eyes” has surely hit the eyes of many in 2017. Its particularity is its style that is quite unique and tinged with intelligence. He is another type of rapper who manages well in his hallway.

9. LeBir

Go to the hiphop events in Douala, we will talk about this guy. He is the one who moves the underground scene of RAP through his showcases and freestyle. Performing in improv, clasheur, there are very few that are worth it. He also humiliated One Love during a clash in 2017 in Yaoundé. His name is short ,. Studio level, in 2017 he will have committed two singles including “Originality”.

10. Lucky +2

The title “I need you” of Lucky +2 with Lab’l circulated well in 2017. Very present on the media, this piece is among the most unifying in terms of opinion . A boost for the career of this musician who was revealed to the general public with this song.

11. Sama Ndango

His single “A Kind a Genre” did not go unnoticed. Sama Ndango has won a significant segment of the public in 2017. His piece is also in the playlists of several local Deejays.

12. Kikoh

It started well with the promo of his song “Mukum” released in late 2016. Although it did not propel, Kikoh still put his name in the ears following with his “Calamity cypher”, his figuration in Ngoma’s “Mangosi” and his recent “Deposit”. It’s a discovery.

13. Stéphane Akam

He may not be known to the general public. This is normal given his music register. Stephane Akam is a young musician who makes live music. In 2017, he accompanied several major shows in the first part, its omnipresence will have pointed out. His first single “Goun’a” was released this year. A song in Bamileke language. He is in the footsteps of Kareyce Fotso.


Even though his promo was not very strong. Nowell is our favorite because it made one of the most beautiful Afropop of the year 2017. Its visibility will still have had a plus with this pretty single. This is a recommendation elsewhere.

Here are our winks in terms of the most influential artists discovered in Cameroon in 2017. We certainly did not put everyone but we have a good nursery. They are hopes, some are more experienced than others, others more bankable. To each his weapons. We will follow them in 2018. Happy New Year !!


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