Samuel Etoo denies rumors about his depigmentation

After several attacks on the canvas following the sudden brightening of his skin, Samuel Eto’o comes out of his silence. According to ‘I Wanda Magazine’ the ‘Pichichi’ rejects these accusations altogether.

“It’s a laser treatment that will last about a year. And one of the immediate unpleasant effects is that it lightens my skin slightly after each session. But fortunately, my natural color comes back some time later. I am firmly against the bleaching of the skin. There is nothing more beautiful than its natural color whatever it is. ” did he declare.

This outing follows the reaction of his younger brother, David Eto’o, who has defended his elder on his Facebook page. “Ignorance believes everything. Stop the false polemics. The ngambè does not clear the skin. He is following a treatment! Exclaimed David. To confirm his statement, he posted a video of Samuel Eto’o lying in a hospital where you can clearly see some buttons appeared on the face of the old indomitable Lion.

If these accusations of depigmentation of the skin are confirmed, Samuel Eto’o will certainly join the category of some Aristes of Central Africa who adore this practice.


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