I washed corpses for 8 years to pay my tuition – Oyo State Governor.

Abiola Ajimobi, who is the governor of Nigeria’s Oyo State, said on Tuesday that he had washed corpses when he was young to pay for his tuition while studying abroad.
Ajimobi made this revelation at a Southwestern Youth Regional Summit in Osogbo.

The governor, while urging youth to have a positive attitude toward hard work, said he spent eight years abroad washing dead bodies to survive.

Nigerian news agency NAN reports that the governor’s parents sent him only $ 30 during his stay abroad, adding that he had to look for a way to survive.

I left Nigeria in 1963 to study abroad, but during my stay there, I washed bodies to survive; and go to school.

Every time I came home from work, I cried, remembering the number of corpses I washed. My boss at work then said that I should not be scared, adding that this feeling is normal for first comers.
He encouraged me to always see these corpses as icy fish.
But against all odds, I have survived and that’s why I encourage young people to consider hard work as the only way to succeed.


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